Richard Mewha and Rick Nelson founded bevel in 1999 to fill a niche in the eyewear industry with a modern, minimalist design esthetic and outstanding workmanship. The look is understated and timeless, free of distracting logos and ornamentation. Pick up a pair of bevel glasses and immediately feel its quality. Put them on and appreciate the precise fit, making them incredibly comfortable and flattering. Once someone wears bevel frames, they return again and again.

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While performing a function by correcting vision, glasses should make a person look good to others and feel better about themselves. That is fundamental at bevel, and why colors are carefully crafted to flatter skin tones, silhouettes are nuanced to suit facial shapes, and frames are designed to fit properly and maintain their form.


bevel 0213Part of the challenge, and reward, in designing a product is improving the look, function or wearability of an object. Bevel has a 10-year record of innovation, from launching the first frames in milled titanium to introducing a BetaPlast, the acetate-and-titanium combination.

Bevel's latest advancement is a beta hinge. Like everything the company does, it serves an esthetic purpose as well as addresses a specific engineering challenge. Made of beta, the hinge is flexible but not springy. The shape adds a striking design feature while preserving the lightness of bevel milled titanium frames and showing a hint of the inside color.


Bevel manufactures a relatively limited quantity of frames, so customers are assured a distinctive pair of glasses. The collection is sold through only authorized, independent, leading opticians and optometrists.

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