RockOptika Factory SunglassesRockOptika: Cult Brit Eyewear

 Sunglasses have always been 'cool' spectacles have never been 'cooler'.

From Brigitte Bardot to Bootsy Collins, Janice or Jack, Ray Charles and Miles Davies; these people could have been from another planet. Effortlessly cool and chic. The sunglass wearer is alluring. You don't know what they're thinking or if they're even looking at you...

I wanted to be a part of it; to put on a pair of dark glasses and feel great; Alien, Rock star, Jazzman, Funkster, Gangster or Actor. I could be anyone I wanted to be.

Today it seems everyone is 'cool'. We all rock our own strong identities reflecting our lifestyle choices. When designing for RockOptika I want to indulge that strength and passion for personal choice and freedom of expression.


Inspiration naturally draws from the classic colours and styles of the last century, combined with savvy re-workings, thoughtful ergonomics and a eclectic nod to those who made wearing shades so super-hip.

As important to us at RockOptika is the manufacture. All our frames are hand made at our family run factory in the Jura, France. The acetates are Italian, the fittings are all old fashioned 5 barrel pinned joints, and this shows in the overall finish of your luxury eyewear.

Selling globally to Rock cognoscenti, stylists, photographers, and you! We'd like to welcome you to our world.

Tom Herrington - Designer.