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Many people find comfort in the status quo. They are content with sitting back and watching the world stream past. You are not one of them. You are an Activist, an individual who is committed to movement. From physical competition to your daily pursuits, you are always pushing ahead, always exploring. We founded this brand because we're addicted to exploration, too. We went looking for a totally unorthodox approach to eyewear and made some amazing discoveries.

Our unique combination of classic style & high performance is a radical departure from the way eyewear is 'supposed' to look and function. But once you've worn Activist Eyewear, you will agree that some rules are better off broken.


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Brooklyn, NY, is our hometown and we thrive on the energy of the streets, communities and local way of life. Everything about our brand and our products is inspired by the fabric of this place.


To bring each eyewear design to life, we work with small, family-owned factories in Japan, where our partners are true craftsmen, combining old-world workmanship with cutting-edge technology. This creative pathway – from Brooklyn to Japan and back – is the soul of Activist Eyewear.


As industrial production has grown over the past 200 years, the idea has taken root that more is always better. Being able to manufacture a product the exact same way millions of times is mostly about maximizing the profit margins of large corporations. However, especially when it comes to fashion, this uniformity blurs individualism and quality inevitably suffers. At Activist, we value quality & exclusivity above all else, and we live this ideal by crafting all our frames in limited editions.

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Each colorway of each design is made in runs of 718 or 347 pieces, in honor of our hometown area codes. The unique serial number is laser-etched directly onto the frame. This allows us to create products that are made for an individual, not a market segment. When a colorway sells out for that design, it won't be offered again, so be sure to keep up on the latest releases. To guarantee you are one of the first to know about every new offering, please follow us on Facebook & Twitter.

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