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Paint What Matters – Scientific Significance

Title:     Paint What Matters – A Blowers Street Flashbulb moment. Abstract:The excitement caused by the Paint What Matters win for Halifax has led to some interesting research into the thought process and outcome of voting for local voters. It is often considered a flashbulb moment of society when a single event causes the mutual coming […]

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Press Release – Slow Food Eyeglasses come to Halifax

Ocean Optometry, Halifax (July 02, 2013) – Eyeglasses, like many other products, can often travel thousands of miles before arriving at the final retailer for sale. A more environmentally responsible alternative has arrived at Ocean Optometry.  “When we first met with Drift Eyewear and were introduced to the range, we were blown away by the […]

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Our local outlook

It may seem a strange thought to hear Ocean Optometry talking about loving things local, especially when you hear our accents! Although it is true that Dr John Wilson and Dr Euan McGinty are “from away”, they bring with them a global perspective and a broad reaching level of experience and importantly a deep rooted […]

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