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TD Tom Davies Factory Tour – Part 4

Next was the Shocking bath. This isn’t what you think! There are no unscrupulous hygiene practices afoot at the TD Factory. This was a vat of oil, maintained at a specific temperature, to enable the setting of any adjustments made to buffalo horn frames. Originally when Tom was experimenting with horn frame production he had […]

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TD Tom Davies Factory Tour – Part 3

The polishing machine consisted of two industrial polishing wheels, controlled by way of a foot pedal allowing the operator safe use of both hands, and numerous different grades of polish blocks. Too harsh a polish at the wrong stage would spoil the final result. Alternatively, too fine a polish, too early in the process, would […]

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TD Tom Davies Factory Tour – Part 2

First point of call was a large expanse of shelves with adjacent machinery. These shelves contained the banks of acetate material in varying sizes for the spectacle frame fronts and temples. Tom explained how each acetate sheet has a natural curve which dictates the front and rear of the material. “If you go against the […]

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TD Tom Davies Factory Tour – Part 1

We were over in London, UK, in January, visiting our homeland for 100% Optical. Dr. Euan and myself (Dr. John) had been invited to give a lecture on our experiences of practicing optometry in Canada and the UK. Whilst over the pond Tom Davies of TD Tom Davies invited us to visit his new Bespoke […]

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