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Choosing your new glasses

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Choosing your new glasses

Sometimes choosing new glasses can seem like a major task, there are all sorts of “rules” and style guides available to help you.

A really good example of one such style guide is available on the Salt. Optics website,

For many people this is a great way to start looking for new glasses, it gets you thinking about the shape of your face, about your own style and can also get you to think about things like colours – what colours do you wear, what is your skin tone like, what colours work well for you and which colours do you avoid.  What is a little worrying, though, is that some people in the eye industry use these guides as a method of almost choosing someone’s new glasses by formula.

At Ocean Optometry, though, we like to think that life is not all about rules and guides.

So how would we recommend choosing your new glasses?

A lot has to do with what we do day to day in our office in Halifax.  Firstly we ask questions and, importantly, we listen to the answers.

Some questions we may ask can include:

  • Are you currently a glasses wearer?  If so, what do you like about your current glasses and what do you not;
  • What are you wanting to use your new glasses for?  For example are they for all day every day; for a bold statement to change things up a little; perhaps just in the evening when watching TV.
  • Do you have any comfort preferences – some people like acetate frames or keyhole bridges, some prefer titanium or love nose pads.
  • Do you use them for any specific tasks …

… and so the questions can go on.  It isn’t a formula, it isn’t a questionnaire, it’s a conversation.  During the conversation we will probably be having lots of fun trying on lots of different glasses.  Some will look great, some may be “What were you thinking!”.  Going through this interaction will make sure that when you decide on your new glasses you will love them!

So throw away the rule book … come on in … and let’s chat!

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