Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Anterior Eye Image

It has to start somewhere

Many of the services we offer start with an initial comprehensive eye examination.  We always begin our eye examinations with a review of the information we need, so we will ask some questions which will relate to your own reason(s) for the eye examination, your health and wellbeing and a detailed history of your ocular health and visual requirements, which can include such details as your occupation and your hobbies.

It may seem surprising to get asked so many questions at the beginning of your appointment, we find that by gathering all of this information in, we are then better able to provide both a general overall assessment of your eyes and vision and also a much more focussed assessment of any particular needs or requirements that you have.  This tailored approach to your appointment takes the examination beyond a simple tickbox or flowchart analysis into a visit which is unique for you and your eyes.

What is included?

As part of our comprehensive eye examination there are certain things which we will routinely assess, including

  • Full general, ocular, medical and personal history;
  • An assessment of your vision with any current spectacles;
  • The optimal focus for your eyes for your lifestyle and requirements;
  • An assessment of the co-ordination between the two eyes;
  • Carefull examination of the health of the eye, including eye pressures.

When we have concluded all the appropriate assessments, we will ensure that we discuss all of our findings with you fully.  Being infomed about our own health is one of the best ways to make sure that it is maintained at its peak.  We will try to address any concerns that you have and answer all of your questions.  The individual nature of our work means that some elements of the eye exam may vary from person to person.

Advanced technology

As part of our eye examination we will use cutting edge instruments to help provide a complete analysis.  One feature we will always discuss with you is the retinal image that we take, which is a standard component of our eye examination*.  The camera and software allows for us to capture either a single image of the central retina, which is a useful screening image and baseline, or to create composite mosaics of sequential images.  Here is a great exampe of a mosaic image (reduced in size to 15% of its original size - the full size image has an amazing level of detail):

Mosaic Retinal Image

Digital Retinal Photograph, extended area

* Digital retinal photographs are not included in eye examinations covered by MSI, but are available with a co-payment.