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Contact lenses offer a great way to correct your vision either for certain circumstances, for example a sport you play, or just as an alternative to wearing glasses.  With modern contact lens technologies we are able to find the ideal contact lenses for just about everyone suiting their lifestyle, requirements, the paramaters of the eyes, the prescription and also their budget.

CL on fingerWhen choosing contact lenses it is important to remember that we are introducing a foreign object onto the surface of the eye, perhaps the most sensitive organ of the body.  It is therefore vital to ensure that the contact lenses provide both clear vision and optimal health.

Our contact lens assessment will start with a review of your spectacle prescription and a discussion about the expected wearing pattern and use of the lenses.  We will take additional measurements from the front surface of the cornea and then fully assess the current health of the front of the eyes.  We will review the tear film, which the contact lenses sit in, the tear production glands, the health of the eyelids and discuss any issues we find.

With all of this information we are best placed to choose the most suitable contact lenses for you.  Currently the vast majority of contact lenses used are soft lenses.  There are soft contact lenses availablle for virtually all prescriptions, including lenses for astigmatism and bifocal or multifocal contact lenses.  There is also the choice between single use daily lenses, two-weekly and monthly lenses.

We still have the option of gas-permeable and mini-scleral contact lenses for more specialised purposes.

Once the initial fitting plan has been devised we will then trial the initial contact lenses, with an immediate review.  We will go teach you the appropriate care and handling of the contact lenses, including how to take them out and put them in for yourself.  There will then be an initial trial of one to two weeks with the contact lenses to ensure that they are the optimal choice for you.  Further modifications and trials will be done as necessary to provide you with the optimal solution for you contact lenses, making for a uniquely tailored contact lens assessment.

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the optimal contact lenses for your requirements and vision while ensuring that your eyes are kept as healthy as possible.