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Cool places for cool kids?

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Cool places for cool kids?

As a new(ish) business we’re keen to make sure that we are progressing and growing. One thing that is incredibly important for any optometry business is to ensure that they have a loyal patient base who like to come for their eye examinations. The reasons for this are relatively obvious, it is the solid foundation on which a business can be built, giving repeat business and a collection of advocates for your businesses and services (assuming you do a good job).

One of the hardest things to do when getting going is to create your “own” patients, people may already have a place that they go to for their eye examinations. Perhaps they have gone to their family eye doctor, which they have gone to for years; maybe they shop around from place to place with no real loyalty to any particular optometrist, seeking convenience when necessary.

To this end, as a new optometry clinic, we need to make sure that we are promoting our availability, the skill and dedication of our optometrists (Dr John Wilson and Dr Euan McGinty) and the range of services we offer.

You can perhaps imagine our disappointment, then, when we heard a friend of a friend asked, “but they don’t see children, do they?”. Errh … YES!!

It would appear that the confusion came about because of the chic, cool, trendy, cutting edge, funky design of our office (enough superlatives, I think).  Apparently, though, it didn’t come across as being child-friendly.

Child friendly space – read on …
Both John and Euan are dads and know how important it is that children have regular eye examinations.  So much of children’s learning is done visually that it good eyesight is integral to good quality childhood development.

Paediatric optometry is of particular interest Euan and as he’s our resident uber-geek who does our website, it was one of the reasons that very early on we had a page dedicated to children’s eye examinations:

Sometimes people are surprised when we positively advocate for regular eye examinations from a very young age, as young as six months old.  It is crucially important to assess the vision early and regularly to ensure that if any intervention is required then it can be done at the correct time and followed up accurately.  There is no doubt that we all want the best for our children, at this is true of Ocean Optometry as well.

When it comes to glasses for children, we also wish to excel at that as well.   We didn’t want to just have adult glasses which have been made smaller, we wanted exceptional eyewear for our exceptional children.  As with all our collections it was important for us to research the ranges available and to select something which we felt best met the criteria.

There is no doubt that ic-berlin has really created something truly special when it comes to children’s eyewear.  Their collection is designed by children and their designers to create a complete product by children, for children.  In their own words:

“For children, there are 15 models at ic! berlin. There are eyewear designs by children for children, but also crackers designed by our designers. ic! berlin glasses are lightweight, strong and beautiful. Children should have something like this.

Anyone who has children knows they can be very challenging and very very accurate ..

This challenge we glady accept. The cooperation with them makes us much fun and the kids are “stolz wie Bolle” (Berlin speak for proud). We have children badges for all of our glasses.”

As we find more ranges which meet our demanding criteria we will be further expanding the selection of children’s eyewear available.

A couple of final thoughts come to mind.

Firstly, why shouldn’t children choose an optometry office which is cool and trendy in their outlook?  Soon enough these children will be the cool and trendy ones, as parents we will no longer be hip or groovy, we won’t get their music, their fashion sense … their friends.  As parents, though, we will always be there for them!

Secondly, having a cool and trendy optometry office with a polished concrete floor is great for children – it’s incredibly easy to wipe clean and is fantastic for remote control cars!

So … yes … bring in your children and your families, we’d love to see them!

Ocean Optometry is definitely a cool place for cool kids of all ages!

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