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Our lovely auto-phoropter had died, this is the funny pair of glasses thing which we used during the whole “1 or 2″/”better or worse” part of the eye examination so that we can assess what lenses will give the best quality of vision for you.  It is a beautiful auto-phoropter, stylish (if you’re an eye geek), slick, accurate, quiet, clear and now smells slightly of burnt toast.
In a funny sort of way, we are glad that this happened while it is so new, it makes dealing with the warranty issue easy – swap it out.
The only problem we face is that these items aren’t usually just lying around gathering dust, so it will take a few days for it to all happen.  So what to we do in the meantime?  Our friend in Truro, Dr David Gillam, came through – he had a spare!
We already know that many of you are loving our beautiful vintage frames that we carry, now we have a very retro auto-phoropter!  Yeah, Baby!
Loving the mint green!
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