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Fall into Paris!

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Fall into Paris!

September has been a real roller coaster month for us!

I guess in many ways September is a real transitional month.  You know that summer is coming to an end, you start to get in to the various tasks getting ready for winter.  The city is buzzing with the sudden arrival of thousands of students, so although the leaves are beginning to fall, there is also an air of excitement and new beginnings.

Five months in and things have been going better at Ocean than we could have dared to imagine, opening up any new business from a cold start is always going to be a challenge.  Doing it during a global recession surely is economic suicide and who in their right minds would open a business when you are just about to go into its annual quiet spell!  Well, that’s us, Ocean Optometry!  Doing things by the book would be so boring!!

We knew that when we opened in April we would face an uphill battle to begin with.  We were a brand new clinic, people didn’t know who we were and we didn’t have a list of current patients to get us going with.  Part of our reasoning, though, was that this would give us time to tease out some of the issues that every new business faces.  We’ve got on top of our computer systems, we’ve settled into our examination routines, all of our equipment is working perfectly and completely integrated.

The best thing about September … it’s starting to get busy, busy, busy!  In the optometry world Fall has always been our busiest time of the year.

The other really exciting event in September is Silmo. 

Silmo is one of THE eyewear expos that happens each year which is a real must for any eyewear geeks.  First held in 1967, it is a perfect occasion for many companies to launch their Fall/Winter collections and for us to meet with designers and manufacturers to find out what’s hot and upcoming in the world of eyewear.

Understanding the collections and only choosing ranges which inspire and excite us is something which really distinguishes Ocean Optometry.

At a busy time of the year, it is a real leap of faith to take a week out of our schedule to go to France for this exhibition.  Many people may think of these trips as being like this:

or this:
For us, Paris will be:

and you know what … we can’t wait!
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