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Featured in fashion

It was a real treat to be asked to take part in a Summer fashion feature for Halifax’s Line Magazine.

We are all fans of the magazine here in the office, the photography is stunning and articles are always worth a read, so we were wowed when we were asked to be involved.  A few Smith Optics sunglasses later … well you can see for yourself!

Choosing quality sunglasses is good for your eyes for so many reasons.  Cutting through the glare and harsh conditions created by bright sunlight enhances vision and provides extra clarity, vital for such things as driving or simply enjoying our wonderful scenery.  Even during the winter months, when the sun is low in the sky and wet or snow covered ground conditions tend to reflect more glare, sunglasses can be an essential aid to vision.

The quality of crisp optics really stands out when you are looking for the most from your sunglasses, but sometimes the biggest effect is on the light we don’t see – Ultra-Violet.  The damage that this high-energy light can do is well known and we are all much better at slapping on the SPF sun cream to protect our skin.  The damage that UV does to the eyes is also well documented, but perhaps less well known.

So sunglasses enhance how we see and protect our eyes from what we can’t see, but when it comes to vision, there is another element to consider – do the sunglasses enhance how you look?

Here’s a link to Line’s article, enjoy the styles!

Line Magazine, Summer 2013

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