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Finding our location

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Finding our location

It was the 13th of September, surely that shouldn’t be a lucky day.  Perhaps because it wasn’t a Friday, for us it has turned out to be a great day!
This is the day that we first visited the location on Blowers Street which would become our office. 

I have to admit, when I first saw it from the outside I wasn’t holding out much hope.  It was a tired looking building with all of the signage from a business which had just failed.  We had taken the time come to see the unit, though, so we may as well have a look inside.

What you may not realise from the outside and what I certainly didn’t appreciate is how beautiful the building is on the inside.  There is exposed brickwork which is original, over 100 years old.  The space is fantastic with thirteen foot ceilings.  From the moment we walked around inside we were excited.  This was not the first time, though, we had been excited about other locations as well.  5240 Blowers Street was unique, though, it offered us a completely blank canvas.  Rip up the tired looking laminate, take down the rickety partitions and we were left with 2000 square feet of space which was open, fresh and so, so usable (okay, it took a little imagination too see that).
Over the next coming weeks and months we planned, considered, negotiated, formulated.  The winter set in and things seemed to take four times as long as we’d originally estimated.  Through it all, though, was a vision of what we could do.
We were excited!
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