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Got the blues?

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Got the blues?

One thing I notice a lot of in the dispensary is when patients are trying on frames they always seem to shy away from certain colours. Blue, red, yellow and green are a few of the bright, beautiful colours that wait patiently on the shelf until a brave soul takes the plunge and realizes – Wow – I CAN wear blue/red/green/rainbow! 


One problem with fashion, I feel, is that people often get stuck in certain rules. They feel that their skin tone, hair colour, eye colour, etc predetermines what palette of colours they are destined to wear and this often extends to eye wear. Yes – those “rules” do tend to work and there are some colours that lend themselves beautifully to many skin tones BUT (and this is a big but) there are always exceptions and style rules are made to be broken.

The beauty of eyeglass frames is not only shape and colour – but material, texture, tone and polish. Such details can make a huge difference in how a certain frame looks and works with an individual’s style and complete look. Case in point? Blue…

RockOptika – Herrington  ‘The Blues’

This is a BLUE frame that means business! Bold, bright and sassy it certainly makes a statement. I love how the strong style balances perfectly with the shiny polish of the indigo coloured acetate.

You don’t just wear this frame you own it.

ic! berlin – ‘Marie’ in electric light blue

True class and style meet in this gorgeous electric light blue frame. Hand-crafted, extremely lightweight surgical stainless steel transforms to become discretely luminous by the addition of tiny crystals deposited onto the frame. This beauty really shines.

Drift – ‘Atticus’
Texture can play a huge role in eyewear design and it’s often over looked. The beautiful soft, matte finish on the acetate front of this frame plays well with the elegant hand-crafted wooden temples. When you try this on you may even forget that the frame front is indigo – your attention simply focuses on the soft textures and superb balance.
SALT. – Taryn in Jade Pearl Gradient
It’s all about tone with this frame. Bold and exciting it’s bright ocean blue acetate is softened ever so slightly by the crystal gradient. This frame is an ice-breaker, a conversation piece – a statement.  It combines beautifully the elements of the ocean, powerful and yet serene.
TD Tom Davies – showcasing a selection of acetate colour choices

Your frame should be as unique as you are. Sometimes what we have on display may not be quite what you’re looking for. You may think – I love that frame but I wish it was a matte finish or I like the shape but I need it to be larger…well no matter what you want to change our TD Tom Davies bespoke collection will have an answer.

Like a tailored suit, these frames are individually hand-crafted to perfectly complement you. Simply choose the frame style you like and we work with you to customize the rest. By changing size, colour and/or finish we can design a frame that fits you – impeccably.

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