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Green with envy?

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Green with envy?

Green with envy?

With spring just around the corner what better way to celebrate than wearing a frame which shines with the hue of the season….green. I know what your thinking…sure…yeah…ok green looks great on other people – but not on me. Are you sure?  Have you tried the many different shades and textures of green? Green can be bold and exciting or soft and subtle.

Think of mother nature’s palette and you will realize that there is, indeed, a green out there for everyone – and we are here to help you find it.

Drift Eyewear Atticus

Is it possible to be soft and bold at the same time? The ‘Atticus’ by Drift certainly is. A warm green matte front is balanced perfectly with smooth, sleek temples handcrafted from the deck of a 70’s racing yacht.
A frame with a story where you could be the next chapter. Where will it take you?

TD Tom Davies Bespoke

Choices, choices so many choices!  With TD Tom Davies you become the designer. Take your new found love of green to a whole new level and create your own masterpiece.
Change the size, colour and finish of your favourite style. Then – put your name on it (or handle, or mantra) and call it your own.

Bellinger Turbulens
Danish designed Bellinger screams sleek, sexy and sophisticated. Vibrant, bright colours such as this uber shocking lime green transform your glasses from an accessory to a statement.
Yet -the easy to wear style compliments the bright colours and makes for a perfectly balanced piece of eyewear.
Oliver Goldsmith Lord
Green isn’t just for the frame. Why not try green lenses in your sunglasses to create a unique and fashionable look? While still dark enough to provide great sun coverage they take your style to a whole new level. 
This combination looks especially striking against tortoiseshell frames such as this Oliver Goldsmith beauty.

Claire Goldsmith Hollander

Retro meets modern, jade meets crystal in this stunning combination by Claire Goldsmith.

Sharp angles coupled with non-descript temples create a unique and wonderful style. Reminiscent of the fashion icons of the 50’s and 60’s this frame will turn heads and spark conversations.

gӧtti Winny
Sharp design made with ultra-light titanium this frame by gӧtti has solid style while feeling virtually weightless.
Classically beautiful this timeless piece will elicit rave reviews for years to come.

SALT. Clark

California style & California cool – does it get any better than this? SALT. optics are superbly well made frames with a style that is perfectly on-trend.

With SALT. green is never just green – its ‘olive gradient’ or ‘tweed moss’ and it’s stunning.
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