the ic! berlin philosophy

ic! berlin is a design company whose goal it is to discover, develop, and market new and innovative ideas. this idea was basically formulated in the first catalogue, when the company was founded in 1997: ic! berlin is a platform. 

the screwless ic! berlin sheet metal glasses were the first step, and they are at this time still the cornerstone of the company.  experiences which have been gained in working with the glasses will be carried forward to other projects in the future.  the vision continues.  museums, space stations, and the 25 hour day will follow...

the ic! berlin vision

ic! berlin is a niche company which like a david rebelled against the goliaths of the eyewear business.  it was born out of an ignorance of the potential of the glasses idea on the part of the eyeglass industry .  professionals put the idea aside because it was "too different".  in hindsight, the same professionals have shown us that it had not been important to know anything at all about eye wear in order to have invented our glasses.  unencumbered thought, an unimpeded view, and openness were essential to the development of the glasses, and to the founding of the company.

ic! berlin is not afraid of growing and increasing its market share.  "we know that this will change us and that we will have to leave romanticism behind," says ralph anderl. the executive director and cultural expert continues: "on the one hand side, this means, for me and our employees, proceeding towards professionalism, introducing routines, and establishing hierarchies.  at the same time it allows for co-workers to develop themselves, as well as ideas; producing and realizing them."

one of the main driving forces behind ic! berlin was, is, and will be in the future, the realization of ideas.  from ideas, to develop tangible things, to modify and improve them, until a product which convinces the market comes to life.  this movement is, among other things, in opposition to the lethargy, skepticism and sadness which in many ways, also in germany, and even in berlin, is to be found: to do something, and not to not do something, thereby learning how to do it;  to be open to suggestion, and not to lose sight of the idea.  uncompromising and yet open to critique.

it is clear that at this time the main focus of the company is to market ic! berlin eye-wear.  the demand on high quality in new products will be maintained, as will an openness for the new and unusual.