Dry Eye Care

Ocular Surface Disease is an increasingly common condition, which causes discomfort, poor vision and can damage the delicate tissues at the front of the eye. Commonly also called Dry Eye Disease, there are many factors which can lead to having OSD.

Many conditions can also present with similar symptoms, so a careful and thorough assessment is an important first step in establishing a diagnosis and from there a management plan can be produced to help manage this long-term disease.

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Our examination will assess the tissues of the front surface of the eye, the quality and quantity of the tear film present and take in to account environmental and lifestyle factors. Initial assessment creates a series of baseline measurements, allowing progress to be monitored efficiently and accurately. From the initial assessment, a personal care plan can be put into place and ongoing follow-up will make sure that it is effective and protecting the eye from ongoing damage.

Treatment can involve lubricants, antibiotics, steroids, cleansers, dietary and lifestyle advice. We also have procedures which can be carried out in our office to greatly enhance the benefits of at-home ongoing management.

With appropriate care and management, the frustrating and uncomfortable symptoms of tear film and ocular surface instability can be greatly reduced, the vision is also greatly improved as the tear film is the first layer of the eye that light passes through when entering the eye.

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Tear Film and Ocular Surface Disease is a condition where Benjamin Franklin's statement "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" holds true. Our comprehensive eye examination can detect some of the hallmark indicators of dry eye disease and from there, our full tear film and ocular surface assessment will allow us to plan a preventative care regime specifically for you.

For more information about Dry Eye Disease, the tear film and ocular surface, a great resource is

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