Acute Eye Condition Examination -
Emergency Appointments

Sometimes you may have problems with your eyes which do not require a full eye examination, but a much more "symptoms and signs" based approach. Perhaps you wake up with a sticky, itchy red eye or perhaps you start to see a flashing light or floaters in your vision, your eye could feel gritty or burn. These are just a few of examples of common emergency appointment symptoms, the main thing, regardless of the sensation, is to get it assessed.

If you have a concern about the health of your eyes the worst thing to do is ignore it.

The appropriate assessment and management of these various conditions is incredibly important and at times the difference that minutes and hours can make to the final outcome is very significant, so always seek advice.

If you have a concern the first thing to do is phone our clinic on (902) 446-4470 or call in. All of the staff will be able to assess the symptoms and find an appropriate time for an appointment with Dr. Wilson or Dr. McGinty.

At the appointment, our optometrists will carefully listen to the symptoms you are experiencing and ask relevant questions to help further refine the assessment. They will then assess the health of your eyes and make a diagnosis and management plan. This can range from simple reassurance that things are within normal findings, to prescribing a course of treatment of eye drops through to referring you onwards to the most appropriate person to provide the care necessary. In cases where it is necessary, facilitating onward referral to an appropriate specialist will also help ensure that you have the best care possible in an appropriate time frame.

Remember, whatever your concern, contact us first and we'll take it from there.

For more information call (902) 446-4470