Dr. Euan McGinty

You could say that optometry is in his blood! Euan was born in Ayr, Scotland, the son of an optometrist. He grew up knowing his father's business and spent much of his late childhood helping out in the lab, working with frames and lenses and generally getting in everyone's way!

Dr. Euan McGinty

It was no surprise that Euan went on to study optometry at Cardiff University, Wales and qualified in 1993. Once qualified he moved to the Highlands of Scotland where he practised until 2009. Initially, working for two different companies, experiencing quite contrasting styles of optometry, due to the differences between the practices. Euan became self-employed in 1996 and worked in various locations as a locum optometrist. In 1999 Euan opened his first office, in partnership with a colleague. The business was a success from the very first day. In 2000, the partnership grew into a four practice group, still owned by the same two original partners. Always happiest being in charge of his own destiny, business ownership and independence are key traits to Euan's career.

After living in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland since 1994 and having built up a successful business and now with a loving family, it was time for a new adventure! In 2009 Euan successfully completed the bridging program at the University of Waterloo for qualified optometrists entering Canada. This then allowed for the writing of the Canadian Standard Assessment of Optometry and the Nova Scotia Jurisprudence exam. These were successfully passed at their first sitting and Euan and his family moved to the HRM in January 2010, ready to start the next exciting chapter in their lives.

Euan has always had an interest in aspects of optometry from the eye examination right through to the completed eyewear and loves to see things from beginning to end. The interest in eyewear led Euan to attend many of the international exhibitions that occur annually, with the principle ones being in Milan, New York and Paris. Attending the exhibitions allows you to see ranges of frames that otherwise would not be available, to meet with the designers and creators behind the ranges and to learn about the thoughts, processes, materials and artistry that go into creating frames. Euan loves to share this enthusiasm for eyewear and this can be seen in the wonderful collection of frames available at Ocean Optometry.


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