Dr. David John Wilson

The path to being a true 'eye geek' is not always a straight one, however, there are perhaps few with as many twists and turns as them as this one! When David, or John as he prefers to be called, first left school he undertook an apprenticeship in electrical engineering with British Coal. He successfully completed this at his first attempt and undertook 18 months as a qualified colliery electrician. Unfortunately, the mining industry in the UK took a turn for the worst in the early 90’s and John successfully applied to become a Police Officer for Nottinghamshire Constabulary.

Dr. John Wilson

Whilst a Police Officer John achieved two commendations, one for bravery and the other for exemplary performance under extreme pressure before being medically retired due to a severe assault whilst on duty in 1999. After this John embarked on a third career change where he returned to college at 29 to complete his High School education eventually leading to him attending Bradford University, England, and qualifying as an Optometrist in 2005.

Following his qualification he worked for two large multiple optometry chains, both very different in their approach. One was very patient orientated and the other sales driven. This gave John a good insight into different styles of optometry practice and while John was successful in both locations, with creating growth for the businesses, he knew that neither business was true to his style. Being quite the individual character, John decided it was time for new pastures and this led to him, with his family, setting sail for Canadian shores.

John undertook the Optometry Bridging Program at the University of Waterloo and the Canadian Optometry Board exams in 2009, and has been working as an Optometrist in Canada since early 2010, both in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia on a self-employed basis.


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