Ocean Optometry

Ocean Optometry grew out of friendship - the desire of friends to work together, combining their knowledge, expertise, individualism and experience together in one business.

NYC Rooftop

It is sometimes funny how the paths of our lives intertwine, we meet friends and colleagues in different locations and at different times. Sometimes we are fortunate to work alongside these people and at other times we just think it would be great to work with someone.

Ocean Optometry has been born out of the idea that wouldn't it be wonderful to take the belief that working together with our friends would be the best way to create the most fabulous optometry office possible. It's not a terribly difficult or clever concept, but it is one we are all really excited about!

with Tom Davies

Together optometrists Dr. Euan McGinty and Dr. John Wilson and opticians Michael Bonang and Alicia Austin have almost 60 years experience in the optometric and optical world. They have a shared passion for quality and exciting spectacle frames, all care deeply about their work and have a desire to provide a level of service and experience for our patients which is simply unrivalled.

It is finally bringing all of this experience, energy and enthusiasm together into one office which will make Ocean Optometry simply the place of vision in Nova Scotia. Perhaps not traditional, perhaps not the norm, Ocean Optometry will always be exceptional and fabulous and we do not apologise for this.

with Nathan

Along the way, we're going to have fun!