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Interviews with a designer

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Interviews with a designer

One of the great things about being a completely independent office is that we get to pick and choose who we wish to work with and what ranges and products we wish to carry.  Being knowledgeable and excited about a range of frames is incredibly important to us.  It allows us to share our enthusiasm for the range with everyone and while we may be slightly geeky in our thirst for this knowledge, we are sure you will love the energy and passion with which we can discuss any of our products.

Attending the leading global eyewear exhibitions gives us an opportunity to not only find some fabulous eyewear, but also to meet the creative people who are responsible for it.  What we would love to be able to do is also enable all of our followers who are also passionate about eyewear to also meet these people, but that is unfortunately not possible.  Therefore, we are hoping to do the next best thing!

Having come up with a series of six questions, we are going to ask our favourite eyewear companies these questions and let’s see how they answer!

Here are the six questions we’ve asked:

What was your inspiration to become an eyewear designer?

Do you have an all-time favourite frame that you designed?

Which city would like to travel to next?

Is there a particular material that you like working with or that you would like to work with?

How long does the process take from initial design to finished eyewear?

What influences do you draw on when creating your ranges?
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