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Knowing what you are looking for …

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Knowing what you are looking for …

Sometimes people looking for new glasses already have an idea in mind about the type of glasses they would like.  It perhaps has come about through what are the current ‘hot styles’ in frames being sold, or it could be that they have seen a celebrity in a photograph wearing a particular frame.  There are even websites out there dedicated to telling you what glasses are being worn by which celebrities!
Having inspiration in your glasses selection can often be a good thing, but sometimes it can perhaps also be a restriction.

I was recently watching a television documentary and towards the end the producers had used the most wonderful incidental music to help capture the mood of the programme.  It was a simple series of about five chords, played on the piano.  It was melancholic, almost haunting, it was simple, elegant, beautiful … and it was somehow familiar.  This was annoying – I thought that I knew the piece of music, but I couldn’t remember where from, so the hunt was on.

I initially began to look for it having been used on some other television programmes, I searched all through all sorts of online forums relating to TV programmes and their incidental music (who’d have thought such a thing even existed!).  I was getting quite frustrated … and quite distracted, but in a good way!

As I was searching for the source of the music I was finding many recommendations for other pieces by other composers and performers.  It is amazing how with only a few clicks of a mouse you can stumble on to something completely unknown to you.  To my delight I found a whole discography of albums that five minutes before were completely off of my radar.  I found out more about this music and was amazed at some of the performances on YouTube.  I was definitely going to have to find out more about this new discovery.

So what has this got to do with choosing new glasses?  Well it got me thinking … and being an eye geek that means thinking about glasses!  While it’s great to have an idea in mind as to what  you may like, but it’s also good to be adventurous and open minded in your search.  Try on lots of different frames, look for styles around a particular theme, perhaps even try on something daring and different.  Whatever you do when you are choosing glasses, bear in mind that it is a tactile and a emotive decision, let your passion take over and enjoy the process!

Oh … and that music … well it was the piano chord progression from the song This Endless Rain, from the album Never Said Goodbye by Cerrys Matthews.

Yes, I did know it, we have that album on our music server at work!

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