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Main Street Matters

It is great news that Halifax is one of the twenty winners in North America to get a three block makeover thanks to Benjamin Moore.  The campaign to help win in this competition was no doubt helped by Mayor Mike Savage starring in some YouTube videos which gained the cult status of “going viral” and spreading the word about the competition and Halifax’s desire to win.  You can see one of the videos here:

Well done!

Winning the competition gets us past the first hurdle, but now the streets to benefit from the makeover have to be decided and we are really excited to see our very own Blowers Street listed as one of the possibilities.  So it is time to vote again and, here at Ocean, we’d be really grateful if you would vote for Blowers Street.
The Halifax website for voting is here: and you can vote once a day until the 19th of July.

So, come on, let’s make this happen for Blowers Street!!

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