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New longer opening hours

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New longer opening hours

It’s been a great first four months here at Ocean Optometry, the time has really flown by.  We’ve had lots of lovely people come in and see us, with so many of them being incredibly flattering and gracious in their feedback about our office and about the frame ranges we carry.  It’s all quite humbling to feel that we are doing something rather special and that it is being appreciated.

It is with great excitement, then, that we want to share the news about our new longer opening hours.  This will make it even easier for folks to come in and share in their little bit of Ocean!
Our new hours are:
  • Mon  –  9:00  – 5:30
  • Tues  –  9:00  – 5:30
  • Wed  –  9:00  – 5:30
  • Thur  –  9:00  – 8:00
  • Fri     –  9:00  – 5:30
  • Sat    – 10:00 – 4:00

Hopefully we will see you in Blowers Street real soon!

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