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Seeing Red?

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Seeing Red?

Last week we took a peek at some fabulous blue eyeglasses that may have made you rethink what colours will work for you.

This week it’s reds turn…

ic! berlin – Nameless

A true vibrant, bold red – ic!berlin ‘Nameless’ combines a powerful colour and shape. Not for the faint of heart this frame is a real head-turner.  Very often when choosing glasses people may shy away from the bolder and more vibrant colours, thinking “I can’t wear that”.  It is not until you try the frame on, though, that you get a real sense of how the colour works for you.  The bold and dramatic Nameless completely works if you are brave enough to try it on:

Another way that the brightness of the frame can be altered is with the finish of the material, take Dasha for example:

SALT. – Dasha

Precise finishing, a soft matte tone and a combination of red and black makes this SALT. frame  perfectly wearable as either an ophthalmic frame or sunglasses.  The warmer colours incorporated in this frame natural complement many skin tones and creates a bold, yet professional, look.

Rock Optika – Blue Note

Solid style, solid construction Rock Optika knocks it out of the park with ‘Blue Note’ in Red Zeppelin. How to make a statement without saying a word. 

The strong angles complement the fiery colour of the Rock Optika model.  Release your inner rockstar when you choose this model!

Claire Goldsmith – Wing

Not ready for a full on set of red? This pair by Claire Goldsmith combines subtle architectural details with just a whisper of red throughout the inside of the frame.

Classic, elegant lines, married together with the finest quality Italian acetates and timeless craftsmanship.  A timeless model like Wing manages to be modern, while capturing a vintage spirit of bygone Hollywood glamour.

ic! berlin Boombox!


There you have it, explosive styling, intricate details and an attitude as fierce as the wearer.  Here red takes centre stage in the lenses, proving its versatility and vibrancy.  Big and bold this frame is completely wearable … if you dare!

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