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Thank you!

We are just about to enter our final day of preparation, before we go live on Monday (although there still is the weekend).
This seems like a perfect opportunity to thank some of the people who have got us to this point:
Castone Construction have been our principal contractor in all of the renovations, owner Dean Shea was keen from the outset to provide us with a turnkey solution and project manage the build for us – we’re glad that he did.  A big thank you goes to Castone, they have done a superb job, on time and on budget.  They have met deadlines, followed-up, shown when promised – ideal contractors.  A special thanks goes to Wendell who has been hands on managing the job-site for us.
Their contact details are on their website: Telephone: (902) 406-3395
Millroi Construction specialise in decorative concrete solutions and they have really worked a miracle on our floor.  There is no doubt that a good reason that our office feels so bright and spacious is thanks to the hard work of Matt and his team at Millroi Construction.  They have been meticulous in the project planning, ensured that they have managed to dovetail around the other construction people at the various stages of the build and even helped us out when we had a flood!  Perhaps the nicest finishing touch to Millroi’s work has been the inlaying of our logo on the office floor, simply beautiful.
Their contact details are on their website: Telephone: (902) 482-2480
It’s been great fun working with EyeCandy Signs – they are going through their own crazy time at the moment with moving to a new location.  Even with all of their own activity they have managed to pull together our order with little fuss at all.  Awesome job, guys!
Their contact details are on their website: Telephone: (902) 429-8281
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