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What’s scary about choosing eyewear?

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What’s scary about choosing eyewear?

We have many wonderful interactions with people coming in to Ocean Optometry to look for eyewear, but in the eighteen months since we have opened we have come to realise that perhaps we do things a little differently!  I’m not sure if it’s right or wrong; better or worse … it’s just how we do things!
Then I remembered – we have a blog!  What a perfect vehicle to explain how we do things here at Ocean!
So here’s some things to be aware of:
1 – We don’t bite!

Seriously, we don’t!  I know some people are concerned about asking for help – perhaps we will pounce on them?  We won’t!
Mike, our optician, going through frame options with Stuart

We always try to make sure that when you come in to Ocean you are acknowledged, even if we are busy.  It’s nice to be acknowledged.  We may even strike up a conversation, and that’s just being polite.

If this is your first time visiting Ocean, we will explain a little about the collections of eyewear that we carry and give you a brief idea of the layout.  This lets you get a feel for the lie of the land.  Some people at this stage will want to then have a look unaccompanied, and we will always respect this.
It’s fun to be able to try on different frames, without feeling that you are being watched.  One thing to be aware of, though, is we have hundreds of frames to choose from and it can all get somewhat overwhelming.  This is when having expert assistance in selecting eyewear comes in to its own, and that may not be the family or friends that are with you!
Hana falling in love with an Activist frame

At Ocean we are expert in choosing the right frames for you both in terms of form and function.

The frames have to look fantastic and be just what you are looking for, but they also have to work with your prescription.
Especially with frame ranges like TD Tom Davies where we can make a one-off frame completely from scratch just for you, having expert advice is invaluable.
We are sure you won’t regret letting us help you choose your eyewear!

2 – There are no boys and girls!

We don’t have our frames displayed by “gents” and “ladies” or male/female; boys/girls … however you want phrase it!  These are collections of fine eyewear, not washroom selections!
The collections of eyewear that we carry all have unique characteristics – this is one of the advantages of working with independent eyewear manufacturers.
The frames selections that we have are not mass-produced homogenized product with a brand label stuck on it through a licensing agreement.  The eyewear collections are all hand made, often in small production runs, by artisan craftsmen with years of skill, knowledge and tradition.  They are producing styles created by designers who are the very cutting edge of eyewear fashion and the creators of the trends that others follow.
Eyewear by collection

Often you may hear terms like “designer eyewear” and it has become, in many ways, an overused and somewhat meaningless phrase.  What would perhaps be more correct would be “brand eyewear” or “label eyewear”, where an eyewear manufacturing company has either bought a company for its brand, or has bought the licensing rights for a well known brand.

These frames are then designed in house, produced by that manufacturer and using the added strength of the brand attraction.  In many ways, what was originally attractive, inspirational or unique about a particular brand may no longer be true.  Eyewear brands such as Oakley and Ray-ban are no longer manufactured by the original makers, but produced by the same company.  If all that is important is the brand, and this may indeed be the key feature you are looking for, then you will be satisfied with your purchase.  At Ocean, however, we would rather pay for quality than a name!
Having definite collections to choose between allows you to really get a feel for the different eyewear ranges, so have fun exploring to find out what appeals to your senses.
3 – Is your eyewear exclusive or one-off?

Well, yes and no!
Hand made, embedded with French lace

If we design a Couture TD Tom Davies frame then it’s definitely a one-off frame. Some of our frames are made from or incorporate natural materials, so they are definitely one-off frames, you will never find exactly the same colouration or patterning again.

When we choose our frame ranges, we like to offer something different.  Generally we are the only office within the Maritimes to carry any of the frame lines we do, in fact, there may not be anyone east of Toronto with the frame collection, perhaps even all of Canada!
SALT. are handcrafted in Japan

As the frame collections are hand made in limited production runs it is also important to remember that it may not be possible for us to order in a frame again.  When we do order eyewear, we don’t like to repeat frames models and colours, we always like to have fresh and new selections to pick from.

We do advise people looking at our collections of this, and perhaps some think this is just a sales gimmick, but we can assure you it’s not.  If someone comes back in and asks us for a frame which has already been chosen, there is nothing that we would love to do more than sell it again – that makes our lives so much easier!  There can be huge element of disappointment, though, to find out that the frame you set your heart upon last week has now gone.
Our best advice is if you find something you like, go for it!

This way you avoid any chance of disappointment.  It is not feasible for us to put frames aside, this would not be fair on other people coming in to look for their new eyewear.

Drift – handmade with reclaimed wood from sailing ships

If we are able to order in a frame which has gone, it is useful to remember there may be additional costs due to single piece shipping/customs charges.  With hand made products, we also find that there can be slight variations even when we receive the same model/colour again – this is part of their beauty.  If a patient has also requested that we do not re-order a particular frame we will also always respect that.

What’s the take home message?
  1. Choosing new eyewear should be a fun experience, let us help you and it definitely will be!
  2. Find out about the different collections, knowing the history behind them make appreciating the design elements all the more significant.
  3. Don’t be a commitment-phobe!  If you find eyewear that you like, then make that decision and order them.
We will always give our honest opinion when you are choosing eyewear as we want people to love you in your new glasses – that way they will ask you where you got them from!  It’s not all about you, after all 😉 !
Mark coming down to his final choice!

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