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Win what you wish!

One of our hopes when choosing our location was that we would be involved in an active community and this couldn’t have turned out to be truer for Downtown Halifax – it’s a great location!  There are many lovely local business all around us, offering great services, people with lots of knowledge and expertise and prices which compare well globally.

We obviously try to choose local suppliers when we can, but what we have also found rewarding is that the local businesses have embraced us in Downtown and we have many good folks from the local Downtown business coming in to see us as well.

Downtown Halifax Business CommissionTwo things that have been particularly fun to be involved in is the I Love Local Hfx movement and the Downtown Halifax Business Commission.  Both have proven to be great resources for information, activities and ideas to help establish our business.

The fun thing about having been involved with both of these organisations is that they too believe in the importance of local businesses and can see why they benefit the local economy and community much more than faceless corporations do.  To keep up to date with all of these we’d really recommend that you follow both organisations on Twitter: and

One fun activity happening at the moment is the Downtown Halifax’s Win What You Wish competition.  This is a great way for the great products and services available within the Downtown community to be showcased virally.  Getting involved couldn’t be simpler and you get the opportunity to win things as well!  All you need to do is take a photograph of an item that you’d like from any of the Downtown businesses, share it with the tag #WinWhatYouWish.  As a side benefit, those people who always claim that your “So hard to shop for” will get a sneaky preview as to what you may actually like.

So … what are you waiting for?  Get out there, get snapping and get sharing it on the internet!  To get some ideas as to what’s out there, have a look at

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